Haussitter for 2 dogs in Munich, Olympiapark

Dates: 2022-04-14T22:00:00Z2022-04-17T22:00:00Z
Location: Munich, Close to Olympiapark
Country: Germany

Request: Hi all! I made a listing for Easter’s long weekend, two weeks ago, but so far I got no applications. So I wanted to know if I could get some extra exposure on this or other forums, like FB or any social media.

You can check my listing on my TrustedHousesitters site, linked in my profile. I have two male dogs, brothers of 2 and a half years, super friendly and easy-going. My place is in Munich, next to the Olimpiapark and close to the Nymphenburg canal. It is well connected (direct tram to Marienplatz, 800m to the Ubahn) and a relatively big apartment for Munich standards. It is close to several restaurants and to both Penny and Edeka supermarkets.

I hope someone is interested. Thanks and stay safe!

Hi @Gus. I see that you have quite a few sitter reviews for 2022. Have you tried reaching out to them, to see if one of them can return? You can also search for local sitters and invite them to apply.

Given you’ve mentioned social media, I’m also tagging @Angela-CommunityManager for when she is next online. Please direct message her (click on her tagged name and then the message envelope) as she does need your specific consent to post on social media.

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Thanks, I just wrote to Angela.
Regarding past sitters, non of them seem to be available for these dates (lot of people visiting family during easter).
I will try to invite people, is there a way to filter by people looking to petsit in a particular city/date?

@Gus I would suggest you look for sitters in your immediate area. Perhaps try those who show as having references (6-pointed ‘star’) but few or no reviews (5-pointed ‘star’). First check their calendar to see if your dates have a black line through them, as this means they are currently booked for a THS sit. Other than that, pay little attention to the calendar entries for now. Also check the start of their introduction, as that’s where most sitters put any notice they want homeowners to know e.g. ‘fully booked for 2022’.