Have you ever been in charge of disabled pets?

Sometimes i see ads for blind or in bad shape animals. Not only old but deaf, disabled or under heavy médication. Owners tell the truth, it’s not a surprise. Any experience ?

Hi @Provence, over the past 10 years apart from physically disabled, all of the above.

As long as the owner is completely transparent, BEFORE I commit and I’m fully aware of the situation and able to make an informed and educated decision, I will carefully consider all of the implications, including the availability of the animal’s informed veterinary practitioner and the owners being contactable, only then, if I feel capable enough to care for the animal in the way it needs and deserves, I will accept.

As with every “out of the normal” situation we deal with, having a special needs animal is second nature to the owner what they do need to bear in mind is it’s not so for the sitter, therefore good and honest communication is essential for everyone involved but most importantly for the pet’s well being.


Yes, have taken care of maybe three or four. Most of the owners were pretty open about it and we were prepared. We had one that the dog needed so much more help than the owner told us in advance. Was not happy to get there and find the dog was in such a bad state. It broke my heart. Heavy medication including cbd oil and could hardly move. A beautiful dog, but I felt so bad for him. Fortunately, he did not pass away on our watch.


Yes, twice. Once I looked after a diabetic cat that needed injections in the back of the neck twice per day. The owners showed me how to do it and it was not a problem. The needle had to be given at certain times so we had to make sure we were home on time. Another time we looked after a very sick dog. I had to carry it outside to do its business as it could barely walk. The owner told me in advance that it was sick and we did not have a problem with that. In fact, my wife likes to look after sick animals. However, the dog got worse while we were there and died a short time afterwards. Was glad it did not die while in our care.


Bravo. And welcome to the group.
Hope you got an enthusiastic feeback from the owners.

I was warned by my last owner (not when i applied last january, 6 months later when we met in France for lunch, before we went to her home in England) that her cat (21) was very ill, that she might pass away.
No medication to give her. She did die during our sit. Very sad.

But knowing my own dog (12) was ill, that i was afraid to leave him in sitters’hands, she has suggested in april to bring him to Kent. So i forgived her for her previous “omission”.
My dog passed away before our sit. Facing a second death was very painful.

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@Thomas welcome to our forum community. Thank you for your wonderful introduction and for sharing your experiences with dependant pets, I’m so sorry one of them passed away after being in your care I’m sure that was very sad for you both, we do become very attached to the pets we care for.

Caring for special needs pets is not for everyone, we all bring our own brand of special to Trustedhousesitters

Enjoy the conversations and making new connections, we can’t wait to get to know you better.

Angela & #TeamTrusted

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We too have taken care of sick and/or disabled pets. We always discuss it in detail with a homeowner before fully committing to the sit so that we can be sure we’re capable of giving the care the pet needs. We’ve taken on many different things, blind and deaf, heart problems, hand feeding pills to an ‘unappreciative’ cat :upside_down_face:, handfeeding a very sick dog and a few other challenging ailments.

@Angela-CommunityManager is spot on. Success in caring for a disabled pet is all about communication and transparency from both the sitter and the owner. And whether it’s a healthy pet or not, when a homeowner can put themselves into the place of a sitter, it always is a more successful sit.

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We’ve looked after two elderly pets who could hardly walk and were blind on two separate sits. We just made sure we gave them extra special care and love.

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