Hello everyone from Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK

Hi we are looking for sitters who can help out this year for short and longer term breaks. Are there any sitters in Wiltshire who can cover odd nights and weeends as well as the odd days and weeks?
Thanks you

HI @Traveller656 welcome to our community forum thank you for joining us from Salisbury, England and on “Love Your Pet Day” The best place to find you sitter is on the website of course however you can add the link to your listing in your Forum Profile that way other forum members can find it.

This link will explain how you can add the link How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile

Your listing is great, pets adorable and location is wonderful, many owners have success in proactively reaching out to sitters on the site, especially for the short sits as there will be new members who we always advised to start with local sits who may be available. Our community members will be able to give you some help and support also …

Meanwhile for our forum members enjoyment I’ve shared some pictures from your listing. … we’d love to put names to those adorable faces :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :dog: :cat:

Happy Love Your Pet Day and welcome again.

Angela & The Team

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Hi @Traveller656 and welcome to the forum. I have not viewed your sit, but want to make a comment that is relevant for many forum members. I went to the THS website and searched ‘Salisbury’ and was surprised by the list of locations around the world with the same name. Try it - it might surprise you too. :slightly_smiling_face: I think too often members forget that this forum is worldwide, as are the sit locations. Based on Angela’s reply to you, you might want to add ‘UK’ to your heading.

Please let me emphasize that you are not alone in not considering that the forum and THS are truly worldwide. For example, earlier today @Smiley replied to a poster, asking where ‘MN’ is. I’m guessing it’s meant to be Minnesota, USA, but it may have many more meanings for all I know. The more posts you read, the more you might notice people say they live ‘in the Bay Area’ - it’s tough to narrow that one down. :smiley:

I have to be mindful of this as I live in Niagara Falls, but always either add ‘Canada’ or add my flag :canada: as there is a city with the same name across the river from me in New York, USA. :grinning:

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I’m so pleased you raised this point @Snowbird because, as an Aussie, I have great difficulty working out abbreviations or areas (like the Bay Area) that are mainly used by our USA members! Out of interest, there is a Salisbury in Adelaide, South Australia.

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@temba When I searched, there was a Salisbury in five countries (Australia being one of them) and in the USA, in five of the states. My favourite example is for Springfield, USA …

4 places named Springfield in Australia @Snowbird!

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Good morning Snowbird, that’s an interesting fact I hadn’t considered, we are Salisbury Wiltshire UK.

Welcome to the forum Joan (@Traveller656) … I drove past Salisbury by coincidence on Saturday! Negotiating all the downed trees and road closures on my way from West Sussex to Burnham on Sea! Hope you didn’t get hit too badly by this ongoing blast of stormy weather!

I’ve added the county and country into your title, something I often do as it’s easily forgotten, but helps immensely in a global community, and your intro has sparked a great new idea for a thread :slight_smile: I hope you find someone to look after your lovely pets and as you say, with the shorter sits finding someone local would be a great fit… and perhaps give a new member a great chance to get experience and reviews across a range of different pets!

All the best, Vanessa


Thank you Venessa,
We had the storm quite bad as we are at the top of the hill, but little damage and only lost one tree.
Thank you for sorting out my profile info, much appreciated. I will keep my fingers crossed.
Next time your passing drop a note and I’ll make you a cuppa.
Kindest Regards

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@Traveller656 glad you remained safe without too much damage and thank-you! Next time I will take you up on that offer :teapot: :pray:

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