Hello fellow THers from Sandy, Oregon

I live on a magical farm outside of Sandy, Oregon and am looking forward to sharing it with house sitters when I want to travel.


Hi there and welcome!
What’s a ‘magical farm’?
Also, it would be good if you could attach your profile here so we can read about you and see your pics.
If you search ‘attach profile to forum’ you should find out how to do that.

HI @MagicalFarm like @Smiley I was intrigued and wanted to discover a “Magical Farm” we all need a little more magic in our lives, I looked at your listing and you are right, magical it looks.

I have taken the opportunity to add your listing to your forum profile … there will be many sitters who will love to share your little piece of Oregon magic.

Welcome to our community forum :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome! My cousin and his wife live in Oregon City; also animal lovers. I see you already have one applicant! I’m sure you’ll get several more!

Thanks, Geoff.

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Magical indeed! That looks like a great sit for those of us that enjoy a more rural area and fun animals. I love how Gaia looks slightly intimidated by the lambs.
We aren’t available during that time, but I’m going to favorite your listing in case you have future dates.

Hello Harris2,
I will be doing a lot of traveling in 2023, and will be looking for sitters. As soon as I get dates firmed up, I’ll let you know. One trip will be only two weeks, (probably the last two weeks in June,) and the other will be about six weeks to two months. (Probably mid-July until early September.)

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That’s great…I’m going to send you a ‘fake’ application just now, and will withdraw it shortly. Just so I don’t lose sight of your listings. Hopefully our dates will align at some point.

Hi @MagicalFarm & @Harris2 it’s great when members connect, on the forum or elsewhere, the Direct Message option is always there to continue any conversation between members and off the public space, you can get far more detailed …

Hello @MagicalFarm and a belated welcome to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

I just had a peruse of your listing and your “Magical Farm” looks wonderful.

Sounds like you have many wonderful travels planned for this year and I am sure you will find many great sitters for your forthcoming travels. :blush: