Hello from a Digital Nomad, Worldschooling Aussie Family


We are Tash and Ben, Aussie digital nomads, worldschoolers and endeavouring to define ourselves as professional house sitters. We hit the skies with our 11 year old, 9 year old and 15 month old in February using AirBnb’s and co-living venues so far. We are looking to secure our first sit in Normandy in April/May or the UK in June as we set up a UK base for a few months to wait out our Schengen limit!

Would love to connect with other digital nomads and worldschoolers/homeschoolers and any top tips on securing that first sit (or longer sits!).




Hi Tashie! So nice to “meet” you! My family and I have been utilizing THS for 2.5 years and are also homeschooling digital nomads. When we started out it was my husband and I with our at the time 3.5 year old. She’s now 6 and my 17-year-old sister came to live with us last summer.

We took on a few short sits at the very beginning of our time on THS to build up a few reviews, but ended up securing an almost 2 month sit before we even completed our first short one.

There are definitely less sits that accept families, especially ones that have more than one or two children, but if you look hard enough, you will find that they are out there.

In the beginning we talked a lot about how much our daughter loves certain animals and how well she does with them in our applications/profile.

We also talk about how we love to loop in art/history from our sit locations into her education, which may pull on the heart strings of the owners who are especially proud of their town. That has worked in our favor some and usually leads to recommendations of things we should see or interesting facts we should share.