Hello from a new sitter in Sunny San Diego, CA

Hi Everyone,
I am so excited I found this site. My name is Susie and my husband’s name is Phil and we have lived in San Diego for a very long time. Both of us are originally from the Midwest. My husband works for a software company and can work remotely anywhere in the world. I have been a dog sitter for the last several years and absolutely love it. Right when covid hit we rescued the sweetest Bichon Friese named Frosty. She’s an absolute doll baby. We joined this website because we are very interested in moving out of CA eventually. THS is a great place to discover places we might want to move to and also a chance to meet new people. I would love to hear any helpful hints to get our first booking. Thank you.


Hi Susie,
Welcome to the TH family! Incredible adventures await you in the world of travel with pets.
I live in Baja just south of SD with my husband and Australian Shepherd. We are both pet parents and sitters who have traveled the globe, meeting wonderful people and their furry ones. Like you, we also found our next destination through this site where we can live at the beach and exlpore other horizons.
You should have great successes finding sitters being in SD with a Bichon. Meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask questions.
All best, Karen

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Hi @raimis and welcome to the forum and to TrustedHousesitters. Sometimes it helps to have more experienced members take a look at your profile and give constructive feedback. Here are the instructions for how to embed your listing/profile into your forum username.

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Hi @raimis welcome to our community forum.

You may be interested to know that we have regular events in San Diego and all members are welcome to come and meet the team managing them , Little Italy Dog Park is a firm favorite. Also we are always looking for volunteers to join in the fun … yes they are fun, so many doggies, if you are interested simply Direct Message me and I can let you know when our next event is.

Hi Angela,
I would love more information on the events in San Diego. Thank you.


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Hi Susie we have an event on June 4th supporting the Animal Pad Shelter

Do let me know if you’d like further info mon this event and to be connected with one of our local team members.