Hello from an English Expat living in Barcelona, Spain

Hi @Susie123
A very big welcome to the forum and I am sure you will connect with many like type members here. I am so sorry to hear about losing your cat in August. I am sure it is very empty without her.

You still have time to plan for the areas you want to sit. I would suggest that you save some searches for those locations and dates, so you can apply for them as soon as they come through. I would also advise that you set up your saved search on the App on your phone.

I would like to suggest that you add your profile link here >> https://forum.trustedhousesitters.com/t/how-to-add-a-listing-or-profile-link-to-your-forum-profile
Once you add this other members will be able to “meet” you properly and will see what owners see when you apply for sits.

If at any time you need any help don’t hesitate to reach out to our community here which is full of helpful members who have been through the process themselves and will happily give advice and guidance. And don’t forget our membership support team are always on hand to give assistance.
All the very best,
Therese and the Forum team