Hello from Angers , France

Hello , I am new to the site and the forum ! My name is Amanda and I live very close to the lovely city of Angers in France . We now have 4 pets at home , two dogs and two cats, so house sitting seems the best option for us. I’m an ex (sort of retired ) teacher and currently an ex-pupil sits for us . But she is going overseas next year and so I’d like to start reaching out and getting used to this way of working. Our grown up kids live a long way away and plus my husband and I love travelling but knowing our pets are well looked after is really important to us. Looking forward to getting involved in the community.


Hello @Amanda_France and welcome to the forum. You haven’t mentioned whether you have taken out your TrustedHouseSitters membership yet. If you have, when you post your listing you can embed it in your forum username so that those on the forum can take a look.

If you are currently not members, I’ll add a link so that you can see the benefits of membership:

How TrustedHouseSitters works

You can learn a lot from reading the various posts. Make good use of the spyglass by searching for key words, when you have specific questions. If you don’t find answers, just post your questions here.

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Yes , I took out standard membership today. I’m still getting used to everything though . How do I do the embedding , please?
Thank you for your help and patience !


No problem. I didn’t want to overload you with information. Here’s a link for how to embed your listing:

How to embed your listing in your forum username

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Your listing is relatively easy to find as it’s the only one that displayed when I searched Angers, which is a bonus for you.

Sitters, this is a family-friendly sit where a car is not needed. Amanda shares that “Angers was recently voted the best city in France to live.” :grinning:

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Hi again @Snowbird
I did a quick search and I think I figured out how to do it :crossed_fingers:


Welcome @Amanda_France to this great community of like-minded folks who share the love of family pets. Your listing showcases your sweet little ones and home perfectly. I’m quite sure you will have plenty of interest in caring for your cats and dogs. Best of luck finding your very first sitter.

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Not quite right, so I’m going to tag @Angela-HeadOfCommunity and ask her to fix it for you. I don’t have access to do that. Until then, I’ll add the details here, so that sitters can find you:

Location: Angers (city), France

Dates: April 29 - May 2

Pets: 2 dogs, 2 cats

Family-friendly, no car needed


Hi @Amanda_France and welcome to TrustedHousesitters (THS). We’re glad you’re here. Like you, many new THS homeowners and pet sitters get started using weekend pet sits. It’s a great way to “dip your toes in” and learn how things typically work. Welcome to the community.

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Hi @Amanda_France thank you @Snowbird all done …

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Hello, many thanks to @Snowbird @Angela-HeadOfCommunity @Joanne @OnTheGlobalRoad for the messages and all the likes to my post . I really feel welcomed!

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Bonjour Amanda, Bienvenue dans notre communauté !

I’m sure you’ll be successful with your listing : Angers is a great place (castle to visit, rivers and parks to enjoy) : may I add for potential sitters that Angers is on the Loire River… so not far from famous Castles. And very easy to reach with the high speed train TGV from Paris : for those coming from abroad (there is also an international airport not far : Nantes Atlantique).

I wish you all the best on THS adventures !

Merci bien @Françoise-et-Youn !