Hello from Antwerp, Belgium

I have recently started to care for other people’s pets and houses on this site. As I love animals and love to travel, this is a great way to combine both. I have done my first pet sit in May. I have been taking care for 2 very independent cats, 4 white rats, and 1 shrimp in the area of Basel (Switzerland). I was lucky to have a very experienced and relaxed host.
I live in a suburb of Antwerp in a house with a small garden, everything is nearby and easy to get to by public transport or bicycle (or now my new e-step). I have 2 other sits confirmed late this year and I am waiting on the reply for a 4th one. Happy to sit anything except dogs. Nothing against dogs as such, but my sits are during the week combined with a normal (remote) 8 hour work day. I am not yet sure if that can be combined with the needs of dogs to go out.

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Welcome to the Forum Mark. I’m interested to know what the Shrimp looks like! In the UK a shrimp is a small prawn.

It certainly was small, maybe 2-2,5 cm long? Shrimp and prawn look very much alike unless you know what to look for (or if you are a marine biologist), I doubt anyone would know the difference. The owner called it a shrimp, so I went along with it…

Hi @markhellemans welcome to our TrustedHousesitters community, like @Smiley I’m intrigued, how does one sit a shrimp and does the shrimp have a name?

Just one observation on your canine sitting thoughts …

I work remotely too and find sitting dogs and other pets which need external time helps my work life balance.

If I don’t have to take a dog for a walk or go out and feed the chickens, horses etc., my day starts with a short commute into the “office” and straight on to a device and I don’t leave it until something reminds me that I need a drink or something to eat, which can be hours after I first sat down … but sitting a dog I need to get up and out at least twice a day, fresh air and exercise, you should try it, although perhaps not with a Springer Spaniel who will run all day and never get tired that might curtail work a little too much.

Enjoy being here and connecting with our members from around the world, not sure how many are actually sitting shrimps though.

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Any chance you have a picture of the shrimp that you could post. I grew up in New Orleans and we didn’t really keep them as pets - we ate them.
I did have a crayfish for a week or so when I was a kid, but I think my parents released her/him.
But we also ate crayfish. I was on an earthwatch project on Lake Naivasha in Kenya many years ago and one of the researchers was a Kenyan grad student who was doing a census/count of the crayfish in the lake (an invasive species). We caught them across various transects of the lake, weighed, sexed (well the grad student did the sexing), and measured the crayfish. The first day we then put them back. But the population findings were such that after the first day, we ate most of the subjects since we found so many.