Hello from Around the World

Hello Therese!

Thanks for the warm welcome. Just added my profile here in the forum. Here is the link: Mariana & Gabriel | Pet sitters in São José dos Campos, Brazil | TrustedHousesitters.com

We’re currently in Thailand, but on our way to Malaysia soon.

Thanks again!


How wonderful. Asia is on my bucket list.
Please share your photos and adventures as you go along, and we wish you well on securing some nice sits on your way.


Hello @mariana and welcome to TrustedHousesitters and to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:
You have an excellent profile with beautiful photos. It looks like you are having quite the adventure, I particularly love Thailand and Malaysia… what have been your highlights over there so far?
Whereabouts are you hoping to secure your first sit? :blush:


We loved Poland in the summer and we spent a month in Paris and quite a few time in London both at friends and housesitting. It was nice. Maldives and India were great, although completely different. In Southeast Asia we loved Vietnam people, the Gibbon Experience in Laos, Angkor Wat in Cambodia and Railay Beach and Koh Tao!

You can find us @donorteaosul


@mariana what were the highlights of India for you?
I particularly love the Hawa Mahal (Palace of Winds) in Jaipur aka “The Pink City”.

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Being Brazilians, we actually don’t have a great exchange rate in Europe (and in reality neither in Southeast Asia). India is great because we didn’t have to do math to have fun.

We loved Varanasi, its gahts and the train we took from Delhi to get there. Really fun fifteen hours. And we had a great afternoon with the Hare Krishna community in Vrindavran.

But overall we had a great time there.


And we’re hoping to score a sit in Singapore in the next few weeks! Any pet parenta there?

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@mariana ahh yes the long Indian train journeys are certainly an experience! :slightly_smiling_face:

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@mariana fingers crossed for you that you manage to find a sit in Singapore. We love Singapore, hubby also spent a lot of his childhood growing up there and has fond memories so we love to visit as often as we can.

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Welcome, @mariana!

Just to note for the future, we’re not supposed to use the forums to matchmake PPs and sitters; apparently that’s supposed to be done on the main TH site (except for last-minute sits).

However, I did see a recent topic with some really practical tips on SE asia sits. Look here:

And you can always search the forums, TH blog, and TH website help for more tips.

For your profile, I just took a quick look and you’ve got the basics covered: references, nice photos, etc. More references is always nice, and once you get a couple TH reviews, you’ll really be on your way! I did hear that PPs really like to see a pic of the sitter with a pet, so you could make that your first pic. Even shoot a new pic if you want to make it shine; think of how fancy some Airbnb pics are. It works.

As Singapore is probably very popular, make sure you have all the notifications/saved searches set up. I think the fastest is to have the saved search on your app (vs the website).


Great tip. We obviously have tons of photos with Zorro and Mané we could use.

I read somewhere that references other then from PP are a good Idea also. What do you guys think? Ex-employers or colleagues.

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@mariana absolutely, they know you well and will be able to make great character references for you

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Hi! Some good news Community! Two sits arranged, one in London during the Coronation and another one in Bordeaux, France.

Happy the tips you sent here helped a lot.

Thank you and great weekend everyone.


@mariana Congratulations! That’s great news :clap:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

Enjoy London and Bordeaux! :blush:

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Hi @mariana how was your time in London?

Great. We forgot to upload everyone, but we were able to get a sit in Liverpool aswell, after that we spent a few days in Hemel Hampstead at our friends house before a 10-day sit that we’re finishing tomorrow in Amsterdam. Tomorrow we’re off to Bordeaux and than Girona, Spain.

A lot of cute cats and dogs.


@mariana I am pleased you enjoyed your time in London, ahh love Amsterdam :heart: hope you are having a great time there! :slightly_smiling_face:

I have attached a link for the Floating Cat Sanctuary in Amsterdam, not sure if you have already been there but it’s definitely worth a visit if you can. :cat:

Enjoy Bordeaux and Girona :smiley:

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Hi folks! Just updating our wandering. We’re now back in London after Bordeaux, Girona and a ‘tour du Spain y Portugal’ with family from Brazil.

We’ve spent most of July petsitting again in London, first in Battersea with Poopy and Gizmo, after in Crystal Palace with Frankie.

Now, we’re sitting for a friend in Wembley for her Mimi.


@mariana you are having some amazing adventures… enjoy London :uk::blush:

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Hi all!

We finished our sabbatical year and came back to Brazil. What a good surprise to see a one-week sit in São Paulo, our own city, on dates we still won’t have homes!

We’re petsitting in Brazil!