Hello from beautiful Moncton, New Brunswick

My husband and I are new to TH and to this forum. We recently posted a sit and through the responses I was provided with some very valuable information from several of the applicants. I cannot say how impressed I am so far with how lovely everyone has been. My husband and I recently retired and moved from Ontario, Canada to the Maritimes and we haven’t looked back. Moncton is the center of the Maritimes and is so incredibly beautiful. Even our rescue cat (boss-man) Tyson has never been happier. The most challenging part of our move was uprooting Tyson and fearing how he would manage the 14 hour drive, new home and stress of it all. He surprised us with his resilience and continues to surprise every day with his new happy cat behaviours.

We are so grateful to have found TH and know that as we embark on our early retirement we can feel confident traveling knowing our boy will be well cared for.


Hello @Gravysgal a very warm welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters especially to Tyson the Boss-man, we love that title it says so much about his position in the family.

Your mention of his resilience after having a 14 hour journey and introduction into a new home brought back memories of when we chose to drive from Leduc, Alta to Halifax NS when we were relocated because of our 2 year old Springer Spaniel, Penny who we wanted to take in the car rather than fly.

A drive of almost 3,000 miles we also had 2 & 11 year old human children with us, in the days before pets were readily accepted in hotels etc., Penny was the best behaved on the journey and settled into it like a pro.

Animals never cease to amaze or teach us life lessons.

We do have a very special community and we are so happy to have you part of it and we look forward to sharing in your new THS adventure and newly found travel freedom. If you need any help or have questions please ask our community they are always ready with helpful advice and support.

Enjoy meeting our members from around the world and your beautiful new home in the Maritimes.

Angela and the Team


Thank you so much. We are meeting with potential sitters this morning in person at our home.


Welcome, @Gravysgal! Love New Brunswick, I am in Ontario myself and have often thought of moving down east. My partner and I almost bought a little farm in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley about 6 years ago and are still kicking ourselves for not going through with it!

Moncton is a great town, I’m sure you will have no trouble finding sitters who want to hang out wtih Tyson while enjoying the Maritimes.


Thanks @Lindsay. After living in Ontario my entire life I can say that New Brunswick is a welcoming, beautiful, peaceful place to settle down. Couldn’t be happier here and I think Tyson agrees wholeheartedly. :slight_smile:


Great listing and you have settled in a wonderful place. We will look out for more of your sits this summer. We are doing a east coast road trip, started in South Carolina ( although we have been to Key West another time) and hope to end it in Labrador. Exciting times.

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