Hello from Berkeley, CA

I’m Margaret, and I am hoping to travel again soon! Had to cancel several adventures over the last year and a half, so hoping to get on the road again. I had two great experiences in 2018 with house/kitty sitters.


Hello Margaret and welcome :slightly_smiling_face::wave:t2:


Welcome @margaret1
Here’s to wonderfully brighter adventures ahead!
I used to keep a sailboat at the Marina there for a bit several years back.
Wonderful city.


Hi Margaret and welcome to the forum! It’s certainly has been a time of change with many travel adventures on hold or on a different trajectory! Let’s hope you get on the road again soon and that we can help again with finding you great sitters for your kitties! I think there are many of us in the forum in dream mode at the moment :slight_smile: Where do you hope to travel when you can?

Enjoy living vicariously through our members that are able to travel and house sit again and enjoy also connecting with others here in the community. All the best, Vanessa

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