Hello from Burnaby, British Columbia!

Hello everyone,

This is Alex and Margaryta and we are Stunt performers for Film and TV. When not working, we often spend time travelling abroad.

We own 6 pets (2 toy poodles, 2 rabbits and 2 mini pot belly pigs).

This is our 2nd time using this website and looking forward to meet our next wonderful sitter.

Alex and Margaryta


Hi @Arcadekid,

Welcome to the TrustedHousesitters Forum I went ahead and took a look at your profile because I was so excited to see your pigs! I’ve always have wanted some. :slight_smile: Your pets are absolutely adorable! However, I couldn’t help but notice you don’t have any photos of the inside of your home other than the animals. While there is still plenty of time until your next sit I think it would really help you get more applicants if you added photos of the inside of your home. We recommend adding all the common areas (kitchen, living room) and especially the areas your housesitters will be staying (bedroom & bathroom). Here is a really good blog post on how to create the perfect owner listing

Looks like you and your first sitters all had a great experience and their review speaks very highly of you and your beloved pets. Please feel free to reach out to myself or any of the other moderators for any questions you may have as you continue your THS journey.

Kelly & the Forum Team


Thank you very much Kelly for the warm welcome.

My wife and I will go ahead and update the listing with your feedback.


Oh my goodness - your pets could not be any more adorable. :heart: I loved the photo of the pig with the bandana on. Oh, and your fluffy bunnies. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Ahh! SO cute.


Welcome Alex. In addition to Kelly’s feedback I would suggest that you consider changing your heading. We know you need a sitter so you’re “wasting” this chance to sell your listing. Many potential sitters might be unfamiliar with the lower mainland and have no idea that Burnaby is simply directly beside Vancouver. I suggest you add “Vancouver area” to your heading. It’s not misleading.

It is close to the main shopping mall (Metrotown) which has a couple of restaurants, a gas station, grocery store and bus station/Sky train.

I’ve never seen such an undersell. :smiley:

The mall and its immediate area have dozens, maybe 100s at this point, of restaurants of virtually any type of food a person could want, multiple gas stations, and multiple grocery stores, not to mention tons of retail stores and a movie theatre! Between this description and your home photos, you’re giving a bit of a misleading rural vibe that could be confusing some potential sitters. You live in a quiet area, but that quiet area is in the heart of a bustling metropolis (with excellent transit).

I would also suggest you make one of your pet photos the primary photo as that is likely to draw in more sitters than a photo of the outside of your home (or maybe that’s just me, but I’m certainly more drawn to pet photos than home photos). As has already been said, they are all absolutely adorable.

I think you’re offering a great sit, but you need to dazzle up your descriptions a bit to properly reflect that!


Hi guys, you are getting some great tips for ways to enhance an already exciting listing. We are often in Burnaby as one of our daughters lives there and are always on the lookout for house sits. Please consider us if you need anyone after November this year or in the future :slight_smile:


@kelly and Meow

Thank you so much for your tips and feedback. We now have updated the listing, please let me know what you think of the new one.

P.S I just need a couple more photos of the inside when it’s sunny!

Hi Liz,

It would be my pleasure to consider you. Please let me know when you’re in town so we can do a meet and greet with everybody!

Thank you,


Your new first photo of the family is so great! It should definitely get people’s attention.

Many sitters won’t apply until you add photos of your home and rooms though so definitely get on that as soon as you can. You might even want to consider removing the listing until you’ve got those photos up because listings are shown newest first so yours will just keep dropping further and further down, making it less likely people will even see it once you do get around to adding the pics. It could be better if it just showed up as new again once you’ve got all the photos there.

The descriptions look good too. The only details I can think of that you might want to add are how long the dog walks should be and for how long they can be left alone at home. You also might want to add if the dogs would enjoy going out for long hikes or exploring around town with the sitter or if they would just be happier at home.

Good luck!

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Sounds good and thank you Meow!

The post is taken down and will be live after updates.

we will look forward to it :slight_smile:

Let us know when it goes live again. I would love to see the finished results and offer any other feedback if you’d like. I think you’ll find a lot of sitters like myself would be very keen to jump at the chance to care for a pig!


ok, I am in LOVE with this family photo! I have always wanted to do a sit for little piggies. Welcome to the TrustedHouseSitters community @Arcadekid :hugs:


Thank you Julie!

The listing is now LIVE and I hope to attract awesome people like all of you guys :slight_smile: