Hello from California and beyond

Hello My name is Mark and I spend much time traveling but also have much time to pet or house sit if needed. Provided I have enough advance notice I can set for short or long term. I now an in California but open to relocate as the need may arise . I am a self employed professional and can work for about anyplace provided I have cell or internet. I enjoy meeting new folks as well as personal pets, I get along with all whom I meet.
Photo of my van attached that I travel in, also capable to sleep provided we have a place to park.


Hi Mark, welcome to our community forum, thank you for the great photo that looks like one very cool and comfortable van …

Thank you for joining us here and for your introduction and it’s great to be flexible and mobile with that comes so many pet sitting possibilities.

Enjoy being here on the forum and connecting with our members from around the world.

Angela and the team

Hi Mark - welcome! That DOES look like a comfy van situation in that pic.

I’m a homeowner looking for sitters, based near Asheville, NC - that’s several days drive from California! LOL I do have an immediate need over the holiday, but if you ever find your way out in the Blue Ridge or Smokys - look me up!

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Hi Mark,

I’d like to hear more about your van and maybe interview you about your travels for my blog.


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Hi Mark and welcome to the forum. Love your van and can confirm what a great option it is to have as part of a house sitting lifestyle. We converted a LWB Peugeot Boxer as a stealth van last year during first UK lockdown and it was great to have for between sit adventures and for having a safe space when arriving at housesit handovers or as backup if travel got rearranged. Sadly as we moved to France long-term we’ve had to sell it as we couldn’t easily re-register it here as a self-coversion. But just this week we’ve been looking to see what vans are for sale end of season! I miss ours SO much! Enjoy your travels and look forward to seeing you around the forum!


Welcome to the forum @Marklangley!
How exciting! Would love to hear and see more, perhaps in the travel category?
Many of us are nomadic with a variety of different lifestyles and we love sharing tips and tails!
Have fun

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Thank you Matterfact2 for the reply… sorry I do not check this feed that often, by bad…Asheville is an amazing area Had I seen this or I could’ve accommodated you, I’m actually in Connecticut right now on a project I did not drive the van I flew but I’d be happy to fly to any location to watch a house if I have the time… Please keep me in mind the next time you have a need I will certainly try to check this feed more often again, my bad Best of ways! mcl

For the delay on this I don’t check this post very frequently I should do it more often obviously I’m 22 days late lol . I’d be happy to share with you what we’re doing with our foundation and my travels and how I use this van to help promote our foundation in the work that we’re doing for public safety I think would be an interesting topic especially in light of the tragedies that took place in Kentucky our work is geared towards helping make sure Public Safety agencies they safe with the use of drone technology…

Kind regards mcl

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Nice, absolutely and enjoyable lifestyle if you can do it I’m very fortunate to be able to at this stage of my life I enjoyed very much. I don’t want to live in the van but it’s nice to travel in it and have a place to lay my head and go see some sites I wish you the best in your efforts to reconnect with some wheels…

Kind regards

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Hello I’m not so much nomadic well I guess I am because I have a lifestyle that a few people have with respect to traveling… I’m fortunate enough at this stage of my life to be able to do this I enjoy it very much. Fortunately I have connections in many parts of the country that allow me to actually sleep in a real house West plumbing lol… I’ve recently converted the van with a 345 W motor Crystal and solar panel and I put in two 200 amp hour batteries behind my passenger seat with a 2000 W inverter more than enough power at this point for what I’m running couple of TVs microwave computer charger things like that and lighting… I don’t spend a lot of time on this form I should check in more often I’m surprised at the amount of messages that I received I really enjoy hearing from others as well about how they travel, what kind of kit they have…lots of fun…
Kind regards mcl

Hi. It’s great to see you sharing your adventures here. However, for safety and privacy reasons we are asked to not share email addresses, phone numbers, or listings directly in our posts. You can use direct messaging to continue conversations with any forum members. You can edit your post using the pencil image that you’ll see at the bottom of your post, otherwise staff will remove it as soon as they’re next online.

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Hi there. We are hoping to buy a RV in February and do what you are doing but it will be slightly bigger.

Did I share personal info, I do not see it? Thanks for the heads up on that .

Hi Mark. It’s likely that Angela or Vanessa has edited on your behalf. All is good now. Enjoy your travels :sunglasses: