Hello from California! Madeleine the Sitter

Hi all,

Wonderful to virtually meet you all! My name is Madeleine, I am originally from London, grew up in France, and have lived in the U.S. for the past decade. I currently live in California.

I’m a lifelong animal lover, and deeply miss my pets back home! (Can’t go home due to COVID). It’d be my absolute pleasure to take care of your beloved family member.

Please reach out to me if I can help!



Hello @MadeleineFromLondon and a big mutli-cultural welcome to both TrustedHousesitters and the forum! I have to say it’s very clear from your profile that you LOVE animals and I’m sorry you are missing your own pets back home. Let’s hope that you find your first house sit very soon so you can catch up on pet cuddles!!

A couple of things you might consider to help that, is to a) add a link to your pet sitting profile to your forum profile here so that people have a secondary way of finding you, and b) with all those beautiful pictures of you with pets… maybe make one of those your first picture… my favorite is number 5 in your carousel - it speaks volumes to your own unique relationship with animals!!

Good luck, let us know when and where you find a sit, and we look forward to following your adventures here in the community! Enjoy making connections !!

Wonderful tips, thank you very much Vanessa

Hi @MadeleineFromLondon, welcome just to follow up from Vanessa … your THS profile link should go into your forum profile, not on the forum’s public page this link will explain how you can do that …

Welcome again and thank you for joining in the conversation.