Hello from California near Joshua Tree Nat Park

Hi, I’m Bruce I live in the Mojave desert of southern California, where it is quite warm in the summer. So I like to travel to cooler places during the summer. I have a shy cat and an outgoing dog who lovers everyone. This is my first time using THS forum and searching for a sitter. Usually I find someone local by telling everyone I meet that I am looking for a sitter. I am excited to have found THS and by the people involved in it.


Hello @DesertBruce, I don’t think you are going to have an issue finding a sitter in your beautiful neck of the woods. You are in a great location and have some very cut babies there!

I would make a couple of suggestions though to help boost interest in your home. If you could put some pics of the area where sitters will be “living” it would be great! This would include the bedroom and bath the sitter(s) would be using.

Also, adding your member profile here would help sitters view your profile and see your adorable babies. Just follow How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile

Looking forward to seeing some of your adventures here!

Hi @DesertBruce . I agree with @Debbie-Moderator . Joshua Tree desert is soooo beautiful. My daughter and son in law got married at Rim Rock Ranch. Furry friends invited. :slight_smile: . Lovely place. Everyone should go there once in a lifetime.