Hello from Calistoga, California

I have been a member of Trusted Housitters for 3 years and have always had great response to postings. I’m looking forward to learning more about the current issues.


Hi and welcome to the forums. :wave::slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello : I am curious why I haven’t been getting any responses to my posting for dates in one month. I usually receive multiple applications right away.

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By chance do you have the link to your posting, as I dont see it attached to your profile here. I’m not expert as I’m just starting here too, but I would be glad to take a look and give my opinion as being a sitter, if you would like.

Is your listing with Joey and lollie?

Hi @Mgilm87408 welcome to the forum, thank you for joining.

There is still an air of travel uncertainty for some members but equally there are new members joining all of the time and looking for their first sit, we always advise sitting locally to begin with to build up reviews, you could try searching and proactively inviting sitters also as @BlueDiamondRose has suggested, add your listing link to your forum profile, that way other members can view your sit, this link will explain just how easy it is to do …


I’m sure there will be other pieces of advice from members and you do still have time for the right one to come along.

Angela and the Team

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Hi @Mgilm87408 I looked at your listing and have some suggestions.

  • You show that you live in a 55+ community. Does your sitter have to be 55+, or does your HOA allow for your sitters to be of any age?
  • I suggest you include a photo of the bedroom and bathroom the sitter will be using.
  • You mention that Lollie needs at least two walks a day. It’s good to give an estimate of length of time for each walk so that sitters can decide if they are a good fit for your needs.

As to why you are getting less response than in previous years, many posts here mention various reasons. In part, many sitters have adjusted their ways to accommodate the uncertainties that came with the pandemic. Hopefully we will see things improve over the coming year.

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Thanks for getting back to me … very helpful

Hi @Mgilm87408 , @Snowbird has the best suggestion, and one last one, you may want to change your listing’s picture. As beautiful as it is, I may suggest one of I’m guessing is Joey laying in the grass. Some times pictures of the pet can help grab people’s attention too. :slight_smile:

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