Hello from Canada!

Hello! We are Cindy and Mario! A somewhat retired couple taking some time off work for an undetermined period of time. Mario discovered this site recently and we are so excited! We are traveling the USA by motorcycle until the end of June and have secured 5 sits so far. We are presently on our first sit and are loving it! We’ll be traveling back to our home for the summer then back on the road as of Sept but this time with our little camper van. We’ll be touring once more the west coast and hoping to secure further sits. We are hoping to then journey into Europe or further countries next year and looking forward to where THS will bring us! Happy to be part of this amazing Village of THS! Cheers! PS we speak French and English fluently :slight_smile:


Hello @Cindymario and welcome to TrustedHousesitters and the community forum. Sounds like you are on a great adventure… happy travels and house sitting! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you @Samox24 We are having an amazing time! Hoping to secure more sits in the future! :house_with_garden::dog::cat2::horse::potted_plant::earth_asia:


I would love to do that! I always loved to ride a motorcycle, but I sold mine 20 years ago, because I don’t have a place to park it :cry:
I’ve been doing tours through Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Greece, Spain and this picture was taken in the Dominican Republic with me in the back. I always wanted to ride a Harley Davidson in the US.

All the best with finding new exciting sits! Have a wonderful time!


We love your picture! I’m hoping to actually get a smaller bike, similar to yours in that pic and become much more confident on gravel roads! Back roads and gravel roads bring you some of the best destinations! :earth_asia:Thank you for
Saying hello!!! :wave::v:


Gravel and sand winding roads in Nepal, up and down hills taught me how to ride a bike like this. :rofl:
I am short so to be able for my feet to reach the ground a small and light one is just perfect for me. Unfortunately you can’t take along larger bags, but there are washing machines :wink:

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I will conquer this hopefully this summer! :muscle:t3::grinning: