Hello from Canterbury UK


We are HOs and new to THS and wanted to say hi! We are an Australian/UK family of four with two friendly dogs. We are based in East Kent near the historical city of Canterbury (10 minute drive). There is loads to do in the local area and there are some great countryside and coastal walks on our doorstep and within 20-25 minute drive. I have linked our current listing to my profile if you would like to take a look and find out more :wink:

We are currently looking for sitters over the Christmas period for ~3 weeks and also hope to use THOs for future holidays. Any tips to improve our current listing would be fabulous?

We would love to hear from you and look forward to connecting with some of you either for Christmas or in the future.

Best wishes from Canterbury!


Canterbury is such a beautiful place. I know someone who moved to your area to run a gastropub in the countryside and someday, I’ll make it down there to visit!

Your listing looks great - truly. You just need the right people to find it. Good luck!

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Thank you for your kind words - very much appreciated! We have our fingers crossed we shall find the right people :slight_smile:

Your listing does look wonderful and I’ve saved it for the future (not before 2024). I see you have one applicant so far, but that’s good as a lot of sitters have been booked up for Christmas months ago.

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Hi @kmj and welcome! As @Pips and @Smiley have said, your listing is great - good photos, plenty of information on your home, pets and the local area. Ivy and Bindi are extremely cute! Your lonely chicken looks a lot like the ones at the school where I work and I’m sure would be no trouble at all. You live in a wonderful area too. I have also saved your listing for the future as we are already sitting elsewhere over Christmas. Good luck!

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This is the only reason we need … :dog: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :dog:


Thank you to everyone for your words of encouragement. And thanks for saving my listing - perhaps our paths shall cross sometime soon!


@kmj Your listing is absolutely delightful and very welcoming! Lovely home & location. And your first picture is just perfect! What adorable doggies! A pretty perfect listing in fact!
We’d love to come and sit for you if the opportunity arises and we are in the UK. we just spent 5 months in the UK- on back to back sits -mostly in lovely country homes like yours! But we are not winter babes- we’ll be in Singapore for Christmas this year- on a sit ofcourse!
Good luck in finding your perfect sitters!


Have you spoken to any of the applicants yet? Hopefully you’ll get sorted

Hi @Smiley - Yes, I am in communication with all of them and have a video call lined up. Thanks so much again for checking in and feeling hopeful shall all work out :grinning: