Hello from Colorado Springs

I’m Jerilyn, my husband of 27 years is Sean, and sometimes I’ll be pet and house-sitting with my best friend, JoAnne from Boulder. I’m an author, freelance editor and ghostwriter. We love hiking, camping, and I also have done medieval re-enactment and more recently, larping (live action role play). We are the home of misfit pets - right now we have two cats and a chaweeny dog, all were rescues. I love travel and want to travel the world pet and house-sitting, so I can explore and write. I also love to swim in my mermaid tail!


Hi @Jerilyn welcome and thank you for the great introduction into your life in Colorado Springs, such a lovely part of the State.

Enjoy the conversations and meeting other members, we hope this is the first of many visits from you.

Angela & The Team