Hello from Essex UK

Hi @davidhenri !Welcome to the forum! Essex is on my list of places to to visit. I’d love to see Beth Chatto’s garden, also Sandringham.

You will learn a lot about how things work by reading the forum posts. THS is an ingenius concept. It will enable you to go on holiday knowing your Springer, Jack Russell and chicks are being well cared for in their own home.

Have you joined and if so, have you started creating your listing? I recommend looking at other listings, particularly those that have had several successful sits. Make sure you have a short, headline that will give pertinent info at a glance, include pictures of all the rooms the sitter will be using – bedroom, bathroom, shower if you have one, kitchen, TV, garden and of course, some good pics of the pets. Most people either use a picture of the pet(s) or a picture of the front of the home as their first (cover) photo.

After you have your listing ready, post it to the THS site and then add it to your forum profile. Here are the instructions for doing that:
How to add your listing or profile to your forum profile
Members of the forum will then be able to give you feedback to help you perfect your listing.

I also suggest you read as much as possible on the forum. It’s an education and will help you to have successful sits. You can also click on the spyglass on the upper right to search topics of interest.

We are happy to have you. Don’t hesitate to post your thoughts, concerns or questions. We love conversation here.