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Looking for an apartment or home for pet care must be in the Orinda area for September 15th to October 4th.
I am an American who lives in Israel and comes to visit the grandchildren. I have lovely dog and cat animals and I am great at taking care of the animals. In addition, I will keep the house, garden, etc. clean. I would love to find a couple or a woman to take care of my animals in Israel while I am in Orinda.

I live in green Herzliya 10 minutes from the sea and two minutes from the city center.
Amazing fun apartment for a vacation in Israel.
The dates are two days before Yom Kippur and Sukkot.

Hello @Smadar30 welcome to our community forum, thank you so much for joining in the conversation from Israel. I have sent you a DM with more information on how you can find wonderful sitters for your furry family members while you visit your grandchildren and explore pet sitting while you are in the States … and elsewhere.

Enjoy connecting with our community members and welcome again.

Angela and the Team

Hi how are you? why did you delete my email and phone from my ad?

Hi we have DM messaged you @Smadar30


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