Hello from Kenya

Hello. I just wanted to introduce my wife and I to the forum. We have been house sitters for 4 years since I decided I had enough of the Rat Race.
We have completed 6 weeks in UK, 5 months in the Gers region of France, 3 2-4 Weeks sits in San Diego and we are just wrapping up 5 months in Kenya.
We are having a great time, seeing the world and building a website for our friends and family to follow us.
We are so glad we decided to take this on.


Hello @Realterched thank you for your wonderful introduction from Africa, what an amazing 5 months you must have had, we’d love to know more and about all the other amazing sits you’ve had, there must be pet memories galore and people connections to remember, what a great website that will be, content to inspire others!

Thank you for being part of our amazing community, enjoy being here on the forum and connecting with members from around the world!

Angela & The Team

Wow @Realterched, what an adventure! Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

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I am not sure if I am allowed to share the name of our website here, if I am not I apologize in advance. Anyone who is interested can check it out at www.SitEatPlay.com
We hope it helps others who are interested in house sitting make the right choice.

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Welcome and thanks for sharing your website. I would be very interested in reading about your Kenya experiences as it is a place I have always wanted to visit. Sounds as though you are having some fantastic adventures!

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Wow, small world! I just looked at your website and right away it looked familiar, I enjoyed the same sit as you in Ackleton, Shropshire in 2019. It was fantastic - I fell madly in love with Jack, Jilly & Mr Wesley. And the food at The Red Cow - so good!

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Yes what a small world. We loved the house sit and the pets. jilly was an amazing dog.

While we were there they had the coldest and snowiest winter ever recorded. Just out luck. But we still had a lot of fun.

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