Hello from Lancashire, UK

Hi @LizzieS I looked at your photos and see 13 both on the website and the app. However, some on the app are relatively small and square format. From what I read recently, I think it’s when you use a screen print, rather than a photo. I can’t give you the tech terms on that, but @Vanessa-PartnershipsMgr can as she understands it in far better detail.

Anyway, hopefully that information helps a little, until you hear from a team member.

Thanks @Snowbird and @LizzieS I can also see all your photos when I view your listing on both the app and the desktop. Are you looking in “preview” mode by any chance as that does only show a selection of the images?

As Snowbird says, you do have a variety of sizes which is why the images look cropped in some cases (particularly on the app). Horizontal pics work best across the desktop and the app and if you look at your very last image of Freddie on the beach, that one is the perfect size and orientation.

If you do still need help on this tomorrow, @Therese-Moderator will be able to help. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. All the best, Vanessa

Thanks @Vanessa-PartnershipsMgr I think I might dust off my laptop and have a look from there. Some of my photos were probably screen shots so I’ll swap those ones.

Fingers crossed for Tuesday evening when we meet our potential sitters, come on Freddie you can work some golden magic​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smile::laughing:


Hi @Angela-HeadOfCommunity , we’re going to Singapore to see our daughter and husband who moved there for work last year and we haven’t seen for 12 months🥰
Finding THS has really helped me relax and look forward to our trip and knowing Freddie can stay where he knows everything and has his own home is just wonderful.
I’ve just been telling my hubby about the forum and the amazing places people go to, not sure he’s quite got the idea yet, I’ll show him the website :smile:


@LizzieS We’ll all be routing for you too and I’ve no doubt Freddie will work some magic :heart_eyes:

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Hi @Vanessa-PartnershipsMgr
The meeting went really well, super couple and I’ve clicked the button to invite them to accept so that’s fantastic.

Sadly my listing is looking pretty rubbish because I took lots of new photos and deleted most of the existing ones. But they are heic not jpeg so wont upload and I can’t change the format :see_no_evil: I suppose its okay because our sitters have seen the whole house but for future dates I’ll have to sort it.

Is there a technical help desk kind of thing?


Hi @LizzieS. @Vanessa-PartnershipsMgr is away at the moment, so I’m tagging @Therese-Moderator to see if she might be able to assist you when she’s online next.

Hi Lizzie and so pleased you had a good outcome from your meeting! I had no doubt Freddie would work his magic :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I think Therese as tagged by Karen (thank-you) is the best to advise on this to get your internal photos loaded in HEIC format. Meanwhile lovely Freddie is stealing the show very admirably on your listing :slight_smile:

Update @LizzieS / @Therese-Moderator - have checked with the team and you can’t currently upload images in HEIC format, however, there is a ticket in to address this imminently … will bookmark to update here when done.

In the meantime I found this, and hope this might help you and anyone who wants to take JPEG rather than HEIC images on an iPhone:

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@Vanessa-PartnershipsMgr and @Therese-Moderator
I have an android but after spending ages trying to convert my photos I discovered that I can turn heic OFF, hooray.
Tomorrow I will take fresh photos and try again.
Hope this helps anyone else struggling (go to camera settings, save options and turn off heic).

Yippee, celebrating with a Freddie cuddle and a cuppa!



“Currently no sitter needed” …nice one; well done!

And fab photos! My favourite is “Freddie with Feathered Friend watching the Fire” :heart_eyes:


Thanks @Snowbird this was a very useful introduction the aga. We are soon to get our first experience with these in the UK over winter. I’m kind of frightened and excited to use one.

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@Crookie … I’m sure that excitement will be your overriding emotion of time spent with an Aga.

I am a huge convert after spending many warm kitchen winters at my aunt’s home and as an adult I still love the warmth they give to the kitchen. Once you’ve developed the relationship they are brilliant to cook on and in … they dry clothes brilliantly and best of all keep the furry family members warm and toasty.

Enjoy …

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@Crookie if you’re on a sit and have any aga related questions please get in touch…weve had everything from solid fuel rayburn (looks like an aga but actually designed more to heat water), we had an oil fired Esse (exactly like an aga just not as famous🤣) and now a baby electric aga.
Ive also worked with several different four oven models and they’re all wonderful.
I’d say the most common reasons people dont get on with them is trying to use them like an “ordinary cooker”. They cook in a different way but you often hear aga owners saying the food tastes better, i know this sounds strange but its true!!
If the forum moderators can tell me if its allowed I’ll post a link to an excellent site that introduces the aga really well…


Hi @LizzieS … we are big aga fans too … I used to have one years ago when living in Cornwall and once when we had kittens they all used to sit around the bottom ledge (it was an old one) for warmth… wish I still had those photos!!

Re the link… yes of course, the main restriction on adding links to articles is if they are self-promotional… this from the guidelines:

Give more than you take from our community. Self-promotion: solicitation of members for self promotion or sales purposes

I think an aga share will be appreciated by many!!

p.s. I hope it includes how to make perfect fried eggs on the aga mats without the risks of flipping! Another reason to love them!!


Hi @LizzieS I would love an aga link please

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@LizzieS I would also love to see the link to the site about the Aga. we have yet to do a housesit with an Aga but I’m sure it will happen soon!

Heres the link, you need to scroll down quite a way to find the how to use and the 80/20rule, but I find it really helpful.

Another thing sitters can do is ask there HO if they have the aga guide that comes with the cooker. When we bought our house the previous owner left the guide and its been really useful.
You can also ask questions like

  • fuel type? Oil Gas or Electric
  • does it stay on all the time
  • is there another cooker (its surprises me how many aga owners have a second conventional oven)

Good luck everyone!


Freddie looks adorable. Thank you for sharing.

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Thank you @Snowbird, I use to get a British knitting magazine and there were always advertisements about the AGA. We are off to Housesit in the UK in January and they advised they have an AGA. I found your post about it helpful.