Hello from Ocean Shores, Washington

Just wanted to say Thank You to everyone participating in this forum. My husband and I are on our first sit with 6 more lined up. Amazing beginning! This forum has helped so much, answering so many questions that have guided us through this sit and more. I hope to be able to contribute more as we get more experience. So far this has been a wonderful experience! Thanks again!


Hi @Beachmaiden welcome to the community forum and here’s to your first post. It’s great to hear that our wonderful members have been helping you along the way to success, I’m sure it won’t be long until you are sharing your top tips with new members too.

Where are you headed for your upcoming sits?

Welcome again

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Wow, you’re off to a flying start! Congratulations :dizzy:

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Hi Lucy, We are in Colorado right now, and will be going back home next week and doing two sits in Washington. Then off to California for the month of May. My husband says “be careful what you wish for.” True dat!


Wow 6 sits already! That is so cool!!

Hi Jane, Thanks so much! We are just finishing Sit #`1 today. It’s really been a great time.

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