Hello from Sardinia, Italy

Hello :slightly_smiling_face:

My name is Keren and I live in Alghero in Sardinia, Italy. I grew up in Montreal (Canada) but I’ve lived abroad in various cities and countries most of my life- mostly in the US and in Europe. I met my husband who is Sardinian 12 years ago when I came for a three month teaching contract.

We love to travel but we don’t get away as much anymore because of our large animal family! However, we have had really great sitters come stay with our donkeys and cats several times, up until Italy went into lockdown in March 2020. Unfortunately, we had to cancel our June 2020 vacation and are only now starting to think about travelling again.

We have a last minute sit coming up, the first week of November. We’d like to go to Naples where the Run for the Cure race is happening. I’ll be running if we can go. It’s important to me because I’ve had some friends die of breast cancer and a few women I know are currently going through chemo. My mother included. So hopefully we’ll find someone :crossed_fingers:

Our next vacation will hopefully be in January. We’d like to go to India but for now Italians cannot travel there so we have to wait and see. Western Canada and Morocco are also on our wish list.

Our home in Sardinia is in the quiet countryside on a property with an olive grove, near the beach and near old town. Our home is our sanctuary. We also have a yoga room where I used to teach. Alghero is a lovely little city and tourists really like it here. We went for a boat trip for my birthday at the end of September. It was incredible! Even though we live here, there are still many things we haven’t done.

So that’s it in a nutshell.

Nice to meet everyone :slight_smile:


Bonjour @Provence

Oui bien sur je parle français! J’ai grandi au Québec (dans l’Ouest de Montréal) et ma mère est d’origine Française.

Insegnavo l’inglese et un po’ di francese ma poi ho aperto un centro di yoga (il primo ad Alghero!) e sono stata molto impegnata con quello perciò, ho dovuto fermare l’insegnamento di lingue.

I’d love to hear more from other owners as well. We have had good sitters for the most part but I’m sure there is more to learn from others experiences.

Buona giornata :slight_smile:


Hi Keren, welcome to our community forum and I see that you have already made connections we have a very welcoming and helpful community I hope you will explore the forum and meet other members and share your experiences.

Thank you for the wonderful introduction and my home is on the other side of Canada in BC, I love Montreal and Italy too, having lived in the north of the country.

I’m so sorry to hear about your Mother and your friends and understand why going to Naples is so important for you, I hope you get some good applications and have a successful sit.

Thank you again for joining and we look forward to many more conversations.

Angela and the Team

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Hi Karen and welcome to the forum. I have yet to visit Sardinia, but have heard very positive reviews from friends who have. I do know Montreal well, having visited many times. I do hope you are successful in finding a great sitter so you can take part in the Run for the Cure.

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Thank you Angela :slight_smile:

I hope to go to BC next year. That was the trip that was cancelled last year due to Covid. My father in law who is from a small village in Sardinia worked in Kamloops in 1956 when there was famine here on the island, and said his experience in BC was the highlight of his life! He never got to go back unfortunately (he passed in 2014) but my husband would like to visit to see where his father had left a piece of his heart.

I am glad to have found this forum which I didn’t know about last year.
And I hope to be able to get a sitter too so I can participate in the Race for the Cure, but if no one is available at the last minute, that is ok too because it might be raining that week.

Grazie !
p.s. where in the north did you live? I lived in Parma for 8 months in 2007.


Hi Debbie,

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes Sardinia is a beautiful and interesting place to visit. If you have the chance to go, you will discover something a bit different than mainland Italy. It is its own culture.

I haven’t been back to Montreal for a few years due to the pandemic but I hope to get back soon. It’s nice to know you’ve been there! Even though I grew up there I only really appreciated my home town after having travelled a bit.

Thanks for saying hello!

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HI and I completely understand …

The Okanagan Valley is a very special place … a piece of mine is firmly placed in Vancouver and Lake Louise in Alberta.

I lived in Ravenna for 2 years … Italy is very special too


Oh how nice :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
That was our itinerary! Maybe next year…And yes, Italy and the Emilia-Romagna region are definitely interesting too!


Bienvenue, Keb! Moi aussi, J’ai grandi a Montreal et je vis actuellement en Californie! My husband and I just returned from a wonderful trip to Montreal and Quebec City. It was not a house sit but rather a trip to visit family and friends. Nous esperons de voyager en Europe l’annee prochaine! (Excuse my French errors and the missing accents on certain words. How do I add them when writing on this site)?

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Bonjour @lmhale Imhale :slight_smile:

I lived in California for a little over a decade too! I loved it there. I lived in Los Angeles. How about you?

I hope you had a nice visit with your family and friends in Montreal.

Living in Italy for nearly 15 years now (time has flown!!) has made me nostalgic for my Canadian/American life but it has definitely shown me how other people live in this part of the world. Living abroad is like “mind stretching”!

Thanks for saying hi and I hope you will see some nice places on your travels to Europe next year.
ps. the accents should be on your keyboard.


Hello there. Sardinia is one of my favourite Mediterranean Islands. We stopped off for a couple of weeks on our way to Greece and loved every minute of it. It’s Italian but not too Italian, no fast cars and bad drivers. Two weeks was not long enough.
Enjoy the forum and I hope you find what your looking for through THS. It’s a gem.

Hi Elsie,

Exactly! It’s Italian but not too Italian … I found that out too when I got here. It’s because it’s Sardinian before it’s Italian. But … fast cars and bad drivers, sadly, they are everywhere even here :tired_face: However, where I live we need to watch out for bad pedestrians rather than bad drivers. Hahaha… I call it the “perpetual vacation blur” effect.

Hope you get a chance to come back someday.
And thanks for saying hello :slight_smile:

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Just a quick update.
We didn’t end up travelling to Naples because of rainy weather (I ran anyway at the same time but in my neighborhood) and we did find a lovely sitter who happens to live an hour and a half away from us! So even though we didn’t end up meeting this time around, we are excited to know a sitter from TH who lives nearby and is a lovely person- and we will be staying in contact with him for future sits. :grinning:

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