Hello from Scottsdale, AZ

Hello, I’m Kirstin a sitter and member since 2014. Originally from Massachusetts, I have been on the road pet sitting full time (9-11 mo/yr) for the past 8 years and lovin’ every minute of it! I’m currently on a lovely sit in Scottsdale with a sweet pooch named Lucky. Next sits take me to San Marcos + Escondido + Rancho Sante Fe + Santa Barbara, CA. :smiley:


Hi Kirstin, welcome to our community forum.

It was so good to meet you in Escondido I so enjoyed our lunch together and talking all things TrustedHousesitters, thank you for taking this semi invalid to the store!! …

I’m in Rancho Santa Fe from April 14th looking after Mr Barclay, it is a lovely part of the world, like so many others. Thank you for being part of our community for all of these years … safe and happy travels.

Angela and the Team


Hi @Kirstin. Scottsdale - San Marcos - Escondido - Rancho Santa Fe - Santa Barbara…you’re paw-sit-ively livin’ the life! Enjoy your sits in the sun! :laughing:

TY! I am indeed. I am so blessed and grateful every day. :pray:
My goal is to follow a perpetual summer! :grinning:
Where are you headed next??

Thank you Angela! As you know, I am living my best life and I owe that much in part to TrustedHouesitters and this wonderful community. It was so nice to meet you and the others, who are doing such an amazing job to make it all possible for us.

If you have an opening, let’s find a time to get together between the 23-27th.

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I’m in Rancho Santa Fe and yes lets do it again Kirstin and this time will be fully mobile :))

In NYC until mid-May, then Irvine, CA - Poway, CA - San Francisco - Marin County. I can’t get enough of beautiful California!

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What a fun itinerary!! I certainly understand the California feeling! :+1: :+1:
What dates will you be in Poway?

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June 9-24. Will you be in the area at that time?

Yup, small world!! Just 15-20 minuets away in Rancho Sante Fe the same dates! Would love to get together and swap stories. I’ll reach out through your website contact page and we can connect from there.