Hello from Shakespeare country

Hi. We’re first time TH home owners looking for a cat sitter in Shakespeare’s beautiful county of Warwickshire UK. Our clean and comfy home is in a beautiful and interesting part of the country and our lovely cat is pretty chilled and easy to care for, but if any sitters out there have recommendations about how our profile could be improved then we’d love to hear from you.


Hello @Eva_G and welcome to the forum and TrustedHousesitters. As a sitter, for me this photo of Katerina as the first photo is likely to draw me in, more so than the interior of your home, although it’s lovely. For the length of your sit, and in your area, sitters are likely to want to discover the area. Sitters know that caring for a cat is usually less restrictive on their time than other pets, so it’s good to highlight her. Katerina would no doubt still get lots of loving - after all, who could resist that face? Love the white mitts and boots too. :heart_eyes_cat:


@Snowbird Thank you for that helpful advice. We’ll have a play with our profile and try to give it a boost. Hopefully another sitter will fall in love with Katerina’s face, mitts and boots too :heart_eyes_cat: