Hello from Southern Illinois USA

Hello! My husband and I have been housesitting for a couple of years now. We have done 10 sits so far and all 5 Star, we are happy to say!
We started in the UK as there were lots of sits at that time and helped us to build up reviews. We spent 2 months there during a glorious summer with no rain!
Since then we have done 6 sits in the US only, due to covid.
People ask me how could hosts trust us without even knowing us to come and live in their house and
take care of their precious pets? I always say it takes special people, both hosts and housesitters, to make this work. Kind, respectful, good people. I am proud to be a part of this community!
Patti & Fred Hutt
St Jacob IL (population 800)


Hi Patti & Fred … welcome to our community forum and thank you for joining from Illinois … St Jacob population 800 …

“St. Jacob Illinois is a quiet community with an abundance of open spaces and small-town atmosphere, as well as family oriented community values. Set in the rural landscape of Southwestern Illinois, our small Village lets you step back in time to a place that is perfect to raise children or just enjoy the peacefulness of quiet streets and great neighbors”

Sounds like a wonderful place to call home.

Thank you for your lovely words about TrustedHousesitters, it is very special brought together by our love for animals, we are proud to have you as part of our ever growing community of pet loving travellers.

Enjoy the conversation, connecting with other members and we look forward to sharing in more of your pet and housesitting adventures.

Angela & The Team

Welcome :wave: Huttpl

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I went to college in Elsah, IL …

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Welcome!! We’ve been using TH as HO for 3 years and love it! We’ve met some awesome sitters who have now become friends! It’s great to have this community to share info with like minded people! And btw I’m originally from Kankakee!!
Happy sitting!! :heart:

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Hello Kankakee!


Thank you!

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Greetings! My family is originally from the Belleville, Illinois area. I have been a full time house and pet sitter for two years now. Good to hear from you!


That’s great! Belleville is about 30 minutes from us…


@GypsyTeresa not only are you in New Braunfels you are from Illinois and so am I! Small world!!

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