Hello from Spain!

We have two very demanding, large dogs with separation anxiety that can’t be left alone for very long. We have a great location and always offer our sitters extra time in our separate apartment so they can explore the area after a sit. Otherwise they can’t really leave the house for very long.

Hello @Debandbee Your pups look very majestic. I have never come across Tamaskan’s before.

What might help is adding your TrustedHousesitters listing to your forum profile. That way other members can view it and give you feedback and tips.

Here is how:

Best wishes Carla

hello @Debandbee,

I too have a bit of a “diva dog” as we call him…he can’t be left longer than three hours so I too know how difficult it can be to find a sitter willing to put up with these parameters. We typically choose couples for this reason so that they can take turns on longer stretches out of the house…but where we live is also very dog friendly so most of the time he just gets taken everywhere and loves it! What beautiful dogs you have! What are their names?

Koda the big boy and his daughter, Tali

They’re beautiful! Please do post your link in your profile so I can favorite your post and perhaps match up when we’re in Europe.

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Hi @MissChef. @Debandbee’s PP listing is now in their forum profile. Just in case you didn’t see it.