Hello from sunny Gilbert AZ, US

HI Everyone,

I am super excited to be a part of this community. I have been house sitting for almost 18 months with lots more sits this coming year.

I am a entrepreneur and operate my own financial coaching business. I work with individuals and couples to bring clarity and confidence to their daily finances, de stress finances and most important help them reach their goals, whether its getting out of debt, stop living paycheck to paycheck or reaching financial independence. It’s incredibly rewarding and I love serving my clients.

I have three adult kids and one grandson, one granddaughter on the way also. I have liven in AZ for almost 21 years but love to travel. Right now I am house sitting for others in the western states as I do have an aging puppy at home as well. My goal is to work toward becoming a fully digital / nomadic financial coach.

I am looking forward to getting to know you al virtually and maybe in person one day. If you are ever in the Phoenix area, I would love to connect. Also you can find/follow/friend me on IG @RenataKSmith or FB Renata Kaye Smith.


Hi @Renata Welcome to our community forum and thank you for sharing your wonderful introduction. We look forward to getting to know you even better and sharing in your new life goals, being a digital nomad fits so well with a pet and housesitting lifestyle, pets, people and places … slow travel in a home away from home with adorable pets for company.

My life for the past 10 years, you will love it.

Angela & The Team

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Thank you Angela!!

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