Hello from Surrey!

Hello, we are new to the forum. Like to meet Cat and dog lovers
Chamari and Diyan


Welcome to our community forum Chamari & Diyan would love to know more about you and your TrustedHousesitters story.

Angela & The Team

Hello Angela,
We have been with house Sitters for many years and we had many wonderful people who came and looked after our cat’s and I think House Sitters is a lovely place to meet very nice people and also who have done a fantastic job looking after our two cats. Every body we have met through House Sitters were wonderful and well travelled people.

Best regards

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Hi Diyan and Chamari. Welcome to the forum. How are your gorgeous cats, Shilpa and Vikum, who my sister and I looked after in December 2019 for you? Hope you and your extended family are safe and well from the pandemic. Margaret