Hello from Susquehanna River valley in Central Pennsylvania

Hello my name is Ari Colin. My wife, Barbara, and I live in Central Pennsylvania right on the Susquehanna river. Moved here almost exactly one year ago from Northern Virginia.

What a beautiful location, right on the river. We have two tiny toy poodles, Mort and Maisie. Maisie is two years old, and Mort is 6 months. We also have a Senegal parrot Gertrude.

We have had a few sits with THS. Our favorite siiter, Maeve, encouraged us to join the forum.

We have one son who is attending graduate school in Bremen, Germany.


Hello Ari & Barbara, Mort Maisie & Gertrude, welcome to our community forum … what wonderful pet family names they really do match thier little faces, do they match their personalties too?

Thank you @mars for bringing new members to our forum … would love to hear how Maeve became your favorite sitter was it one thing in particular or just everything about your experience of having THS care for your beloved family?

Welcome again.

Angela and the Forum Team

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Maeve is just so wonderful in many ways. It was our first sitter and she set so high a bar, I doubt anyone else could match it.

She has yet to meet Mort. I had one requirement the name start with M. That way I could call them the M&Ms. My wife amazingly went along with it :grinning:

Wow. Our kind of place. And we have become somewhat experts with “teacup” poodles. They are so fun and very intelligent. Give them a ball and they will spend hours hiding it then finding it etc. Unfortunately we are heading north for the summer.
Welcome and here’s to more fantastic sits and sitters.

Hello and Welcome! Ken and I are pet sitters and homeowners based in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, not too far from you. Always glad to “meet” other HOs or sitters from this area. THS is proving to be a most interesting experience. Glad you’re on board. Take care. – Mary and Ken

Ari, I am embarrassedly flattered. Thank you for the privilege of caring for your little darling, Maisie. I am looking forward to meeting her little brother, Mort. Gertrude kept us entertained with her singing and dancing. Being at your home feels like a vacation and the 180 degree view of the river from your dining room is extraordinary. I hope our dates coincide again soon but in the meantime, this is a lovely opportunity for another sitter out there reading this.

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@Aricolin I’m wondering if you also have a requirement that the sitter’s name and username have to start with ‘m’ too? If so, you will really be limiting your selection. :rofl:

Based on what I’ve read on the forum by @mars, she certainly is a gem. I’m glad you found each other.


Hi @Aricolin and welcome to the forum. I absolutely love your location…the backdrop of your home makes me want to apply for every sit that comes open…and those babies…they are beautiful. I could just snuggle up with them for hours!

Angela has already welcomed you, but I wanted to as well and let you know we are always here if you have any questions or concerns.

Debbie and the Forum Team

Now this is my favorite park in the area (we all go there almost every day), Milton Park, which is an island in the Susquehanna River. Yes, the Susquehanna River is so wide, and shallow it has islands. An old joke is that early US settlers lamented that the Susquehanna River was a mile wide and a foot deep.


@Aricolin what a gorgeous place! The pups look like they are pretty content to be there as well! You are so lucky to live in such a great place!

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There is one in August if interested… Check my profile.

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I wish I could but I am booked up with vacations and work in august.