Hello from Texas

Hello all. I have been sitting with TH for 6 years now; and have had a great time. My sits have been in the US and UK ( my heart home) until COVID. I am waiting to get back to the UK but feel that home owners aren’t as willing to consider Americans because of our asinine lack of COVID policy. I hope I get the opportunity to sit more across the Pond. I do have four sits scheduled in the UK for 2022, but am concerned that the omicron variant might derail that as the original surge did in 2020.

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Welcome to the forum @gahrahstah
We are in very uncertain times due to this pandemic. Things change very quickly so we have to be flexible.
I saw your other post as well and like you, I have confirmed sits in the UK for 2022 and a flight booked. Some are repeats but some are not. People are rightfully cautious and being more selective. Some of the questions being asked I have never been asked before but that is the nature of things. Always changing. The key is to be adaptable and have another plan in place. Be as patient as you can and ride the wave.