Hello from Tim and Stephanie! 😁

Hi! Timmer and I have been married for 34 years, have four amazing grown children, and two even more amazing grandchildren! (Not biased tho!) :heart: (Best grandkids ever!) ok I will stop :blush: Anyway, both my husband and I are animal lovers! We are Midwestern born, and have lived in Red Lodge MT since 2009. We both love to travel and see new places! I accidentally came across this on Google and thought β€œWhat the heck!” I am a stay at home Grandma who :heart: her work, my husband tends bar at the Carbon County Steakhouse. Before we moved we owned/operated our own farm, and raised our kids in the country! There are so many places I would love to travel and see, and more affordable on a bartender budget! :joy: Glad to be here!


Hi @Stephbuck86 welcome to our community forum and for your lovely introduction to you and your lives in Montana, a great place to be I used to visit Great Falls from home in Edmonton AB Canada. I see you have not completed your TrustedHousesitters registration if you need any help with the process our Membership Services Team are available.

Pet and housesitting really is a wonderful travel lifestyle and very affordable as you say below

Enjoy being here and connecting with our members from around the world, we can’t wait to share in your new THS adventure when it begins, you’ll find all the help you need to get started from our community.

Angela and the Team


Hi @Stephbuck86 and welcome to the Forum and THS.

It is a great way to travel on a budget, even if just locally or for short weekends away to start with.
Sometimes there is so much to do and see just a few miles from home and this is a great way to do it, and once you get a few reviews under your belt, well who knows - it’s a big world out there!

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