Hello from Trowbridge, near Bath, UK


I am new to THS and wanted to say hi! We are a couple with six very friendly dogs. We are based in near the historical city of Bath (15 min train journey). There are lots of local attractions like Stonehenge, Bath, Salisbury plain and Westbury White Horse, and Trowbridge has all the amenities a town offers plus there are some great countryside walks on our doorstep. I have linked our current listing to my profile if you would like to take a look and find out more.

We are currently looking for sitters next year and also hope to use THOs for future holidays. Any tips to improve our current listing would be fabulous?

We would love to hear from you and look forward to connecting with some of you in the future.


Hi @Amilone

A warm welcome to the forum. I am sure you will get some wonderful advice here from our very experienced members.

Golden retrievers are such amazing dogs, and they all look absolutely delightful.

Enjoy the conversations on the forum.
Best wishes

Hello @Amilone and welcome. I didn’t get any further than your title, so I’ll leave the rest for others to comment. Look at the thumbnail view of your listing (below). There’s nothing in your title I can’t already figure out from the thumbnail. This is your first promotional tool so use it wisely. Choose your first 3-4 words to highlight the best feature of your listing, to stand out from others.

Current title:


Thanks Therese, Im blessed with 6 lovely girls, who are a pleasure to live with, you can’t but help to love them :heart_eyes:


Thanks fo the feedback I’ll change it to look more appealing :grinning:


I personally think that it would be a big ask for one sitter to look after your dogs, I couldn’t manage them on my own. A couple would work out better.
I think it would also be a necessity that you arrange to leave your estate car for the use of the sitters as the dogs are used to that. If I had an estate car I wouldn’t want to put 6 dogs in it.
I wish you luck with finding sitters as I’m sure there will be some who would enjoy looking after your beauties.


Thanks for your valued feedback l will update my listing😁