Hello from Tulsa, OK!

Excited to be here! I’ve used TrustedHousesitters for years as a digital nomad (have sat a lot of cats + houses in the last 8 years) and I have MISSED house-sitting and traveling the last year.

My partner and I have taken the COVID opportunity to move to Tulsa, OK - a brand-new part of the country for us. I’ve house-sat for years and was a digital nomad for 6 years before settling here in OK last fall.

I love history, slow travel, getting to know local communities, and historical fiction. I’ve always loved reading and have picked up baking, wood carving, and gardening over the COVID year (not expert at any, but having fun!)


Hi Felicity! Welcome to the THS community. We’re glad you’re here :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the club . Covid finally can be positive… Opening our mind.

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Hi @Felicity welcome from Tulsa, Oklahoma we are so glad to have you join us and thank you for being part of our community all of these years. COVID has impacted lives in a way we never thought possible and many nomads have found positivity through rethinking their lives and opting to put down roots, for a while anyway.

Thank you for your wonderful introduction and we look forward to getting to know you better and sharing in the many stories you must have.

Enjoy connecting with other members and your new found life and hobbies, time to read and more.

Angela & The Team

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Welcome Felicity

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