Hello from Wigan

Just introducing myself and hoping I’m posting this in the right place!
I’m Sue and have been pet sitting for a few years with my husband Rob.
I’m in Wigan UK.
I’m crazy about animals any animals really but mostly dogs.
I was looking at a new sit last night that I was interested in but it stated would like you to also look after my 90 year old mother who lives in the annex. Is this allowed as I don’t want to look after humans!
Any thoughts on this???


Hello Wigan. Welcome. Only THS will tell you. I guess it dépends If your mum is valid, needs only a hello and nice show up everyday or If it is a heavier task usually made by a nurse…

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Thanks for the welcome

I’m finding it quite difficult working my way around this site and how to reply. I guess it will get easier with practice!


Welcome to the community, it is great to hear that you have been a pet sitter for a number of years. I am sure you will have lots of stories to share with us.

I have sent you a private message via the forum regarding the listing you have come across as we will need to reach out to the owner as this is not allowed on our site.

Kind regards
Katie - Membership Services

Hello Sue from Wigan … the first ever self named “Crazy Dog Lady” it’s always Crazy Cat Lady! Welcome to the Forum we are so glad you and Rob have joined our amazing community and now here on the Forum, we hope you enjoy the conversation and connecting with other crazy animal loving members. … you are in excellent company Sue!

To answer your question about the sit you mention we do have a policy at THS of no third party in the home and so this request would unfortunately have to be declined, I will pass your observation over to the Membership Services Team.

Thank you again and welcome … again.

Angela & The Team