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Greetings everyone,
We are Sam and Ross, and we are excited to be part of the new THS community forum. We currently call California home, although we own properties and spend time in Europe and Central Asia. We work for California State University, the largest public four-year university system in the world.
We love animals and we love to travel, and we try to visit a new country, city, town, state any chance we get. We’ve been members of THS for about 3 years now and THS combines both of our passions: pets & travel. We’ve done pet sits mostly in California and we are looking forward to our first International pet sit. We had a trip booked to Australia but unfortunately COVID-19 hit, and we had to cancel it. Last year was tough for pet sitting because we applied to a lot of sits with little luck. It was the first year we didn’t secure a Thanksgiving or Christmas pet sit. Due to that, shortly after gasp we decided to pause our THS membership until COVID was more under control and the travel restrictions were lifted. We renewed a few weeks ago and what a difference a year makes. Within days we received 2 invitations and we secured two pet sits for the holidays. We are still hoping to do an international sit in Europe or Asia starting May 2022. Looking forward to getting to know everyone in this community and to contributing to the Forum.


Welcome @BunnyCat. I have to say I love your faces.
Lived in Cali many years and it’s a great place but yes the over yonder calls and have also been there many times, before
The great pause.
Going back in April and have bookings. Some are still hesitant but don’t be discouraged. I would be bold enough to book the trip and then keep looking for sits. The opportunities are plentiful.
Best wishes and enjoy!

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Hi @BunnyCat and a very warm Friday welcome to our community forum so glad you could join us from sunny California. Thank you for the wonderful introduced into your lives and your THS journey so far, we cannot wait to see what 2022 bring for your to share.

We are looking forward to that as well … welcome again

Angela and the Team