Hello. I speak three languages and I hope to put it to good use

I’m Steph. I have an extensive background in animal care from being a foster with the Wisconsin Humane Society to my in-laws own a hobby farm so I have birthed horses, goats, and pigs. Lol. There’s not really an animal I haven’t cared for that’s a domestic farm type. I’m 38 years old and I own an IT company so I can work from anywhere. I hope to get my first opportunity to show off my animal and plant care skills soon! Hi everyone!!!


Welcome to the forum @EDMSuperGirl and thank you for sharing your intro to the community! Lots of great experience … sounds like you’ll be a perfect fit for the hobby farm sits we frequently see on the TrustedHousesitters platform and those language skills are likely to be a big plus too!

I haven’t been able to find your profile on the main website … although it may be you’ve registered with different details, but… if you are needing help to join, please let us know and we can point you in the right direction.

All the best, Vanessa