Hello, new to forum, from Cambridge, England

Hello, this is my first post in the forum.

Michelle here, in beautiful Fulbourn village, 5 miles from Cambridge in the UK. I live with my dear little cat Tigger, see attached photo.

Fulbourn is a lovely village with a nature reserve, the Fulbourn Fen, next to it, also woods, green woodpeckers and wild orchids.

Nearby Cambridge has so much to see and experience, the beautiful University colleges, churches, college grounds, museums… It is a wonderful place to visit.

I am looking for a sitter for two sets of dates, July 17-24 and August 27-30.

Bye for now.



Welcome to the forum @MB64. Tigger looks a gorgeous puss and your location is great, being so close to Cambridge. Hopefully you’ll get some lovely sitters who will enjoy Tigger’s company.


Oh my goodness what a cutie Tigger is!

Just saying hello as a new sitter from the South Cambs area, we currently can’t commit to those dates but we certainly would be very happy to sit Tigger in the future :slightly_smiling_face:


Dear Lina,

Thanks for your message. It’s nice to meet you. Fortunately I have now found someone for July.

Did you see my other dates posted more recently, for June 18-21? Also, there’s a chance the August dates might change to be a whole week from Aug 27 to Sept 3. Would you be interested in that? I’ll know by June 26 if that will be the case.

Bye for now.

Best wishes,


Hi Michelle, we’re just working about the possibility of a summer abroad, but when I’ve worked it out fully I’ll let you know in case you’re still looking and we can do the August date,

Hi Lina,
Thanks, that’s great.
Best wishes,

HI @Lina_and_Tom and welcome to the forum. As you’re new here, I’ll just mention that you can direct message any forum members, so that you can chat and make arrangements without showing the details publicly. Just click on the person’s username and then click on the green envelope.

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There are lots of new members to the forum, so I thought I’d share this as others may also find it useful. :grinning:

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