Hello to all the pet lovers out there!

We live in on rice farm in Thailand and we just paid our membership for the first time as sitters and we also want someone to sit our house also so we can travel. My name is Gary and my Thai wife’s name is Paiwan. We have two pets. One female pedigreed yellow labrador retreiver age 1 and her name is Kira. We have a white persian cat named Elyjah who is 2 years old. We live in a rural area but we are only 15 minutes drive from town. I am looking forward to a year of travel having recently retired. I am a US and French dual citizen and I have a residence also in France. My wife is from a large family of farmers and she is in heaven with our rice farm. We have three ponds and not much land left to farm rice but we have a farmer who does the farming for us and gives us our 1/3 share of the rice.


Hello @GaryPaiwan, welcome to the community forum, thank you for joining THS. Rice farming in Thailand seems exciting. It never seizes to amaze me the diverse background of our members.

Feel free to add your THS listing to your profile here, so members could get to know you.

Where are you planning to travel next? We spent a week in Bangkok pre-COVID and we loved it. We can’t wait to return again in the future and explore more of Thailand. What an amazing country!


Hi and Welcome Gary and Paiwan :wave:
Sounds like a very lovely place you have there. Thailand is on my list of places to visit one day. :slight_smile:
-Deb :heart:

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I’d love to go to Thailand one day!
I am happy with house sits down under though!
Happy house sits xx

Hi & welcome.

May I ask what part of Thailand do you live? My reason for asking is, would a sitter need to learn how to ride a scooter for your sit to get around? What about smoke haze during burning season?

I’ve crossed land borders at/near Pakse, Udon Thani, & Tachileik into thailand & have sat on the outskirts of Chiang Mai so understand the value of good scooter experience. I’ll stick to cycling…


We are living in Chiang Khan, Loei Province and we have a manual transmission Ford Ranger Wildtrak pick up truck and a Honda Dream motorcycle (scooter). Both require a certain skill to drive but where we live there is absolutly no traffic.

We are in the middle of the burn season but because we have had several large rain storms early this year, the burning is not going well for the farmers. This year there is about 10% of the smoke we had last year.

We are looking at getting an electric scooter that will be more practical for gettting around. We have a local market about 5 minutes away and that would be the perfect solution. The electric scooter will not go very fast and it will be more stable than the Honda Dream.

Gary & Paiwan


Thank you for your welcoming message. We were living in Phuket for 15 years but due to the pandemic we escaped Phuket and built our retirement home in Chiang Khan, Loei province which is next to the Mekong River which is the Loas border.

I have spent two days creating my profile as a sitter and as a sit. I tried to launch it yesterday but after 24 hours no luck going live. We don’t know what the problem is but we need help. Also they have a photo posted so that my face is in the middle and my wife’s face is cut in half. Nothing on the mobile app is correct and we are struggleing with the references that they are asking for. I sent the reference link to a friend in the states and he wrote back the the website was not user friendly and that they wanted him to join up in order to provide the reference. Please let me know if there is a way to get help in setting up my profile. We paid an extra $70 because of this and we both feel cheated.

As for where we are going next? We are hoping to find a sitter for our cat so that we can bring our dog in our truck to Phuket to go sailing for a few weeks. So we need a sitter in one week from now. But we are flexible because we can wait an exta week if we have to. But in June we will fly to France for at least one month and we need a sitter for that month and we also want to find a sit in the area east of Paris. We may go to California from there if we can find another sit. But we many need a way to get another sitter if we are gone for two months. Please can you guide me through this process? I can’t seem to get much help direct from Trusted Housesitters direct.

@Angela-HeadOfCommunity could you help gary with this?

Gary, if I was heading to SE Asia,i’d 1000% apply as know the area & you’re on multiple routes to amazing places :+1::+1::+1:

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Hi @GaryPaiwan and @RunnerC our new Forum team member @Lucy-Moderator has actually already helped Gary with this … just a couple of “To Do’s” had been missed to complete the process which is easily done.

Your listing and profile are now live and imagery all corrected.

Thank you Lucy …


Thank you @Lucy-Moderator for your quick assistance.

@GaryPaiwan you have a beautiful home and lovely pets. With your sit’s starting date only 6 days away and the ever changing COVID travel restrictions you will most likely will be relying on finding a local sitter. Feel free to promote your sit in the Last minute section. Good luck!

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@GaryPaiwan Welcome to the community Gary and Paiwan! My husband and I are both dual US and Canada. I speak a fair bit of French because my great-grandmother was French. Most of my ancestors were from France so one day would like to see it.

If there was more than 7 days notice we would love to sit for you wherever your pets may be. We retired early to travel then 6 weeks later the pandemic started. We are eager to make up for lost time!

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Hello from Suzie, part of a family of 4. We own a bengal cat.

We are in Australia and do local sits (due to school, work and kitty care) but hopefully when everything goes back to normal, we can go overseas and help someone out.


Hi @GaryPaiwan. I have done a few sits in Thailand pre covid - Bangkok, Phuket and Chaing Mai.

The only thing I will add here is that sitters need to be aware of visa requirements in Thailand if they are planning more than a month at a time.

I have extended my 30-day visa when I was in Bangkok, and Chaing Mai, and it is relatively easy, but can be a bit time consuming, confusing and there is a cost.

I am currently in Bali, and have managed to secure a few sits - the Homeowners tell me they did get a lot of applications initially, but most did not understand the visa requirements so had to either withdraw applications or be rejected. Worthwhile being upfront to start with.

Maybe I can sit for you in the future, good luck with your travels.

Edit : I have just had a look at your listing and it looks great - the second date is 30 days, which may limit the number of people applying - unless they are already in Thailand or are willing to extend the 30 day visa.


Hello and welcome! I am from the US and retired 3 years ago. THS has allowed me to travel in such a unique way. Great organization. Happy travels!!

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