Hello! to forum and sitter canceled I'm getting worried

Hi we had a sitter lined up for a 2 month sit in California, and he just cancelled( from a different online site) or somewhat flexible departure date is end May but folks are already saying they are already booked. we live in a rural community here is a link to our listing… I’m getting worried… any suggestions? many of the folks that had saved our listing I reached out to, and they are all busy.

“Since I move the horses and we take the dogs, It is mainly keeping the hummingbirds fed, ( sugar water in feeders)and we have herd of them”


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Normally you are asked to put your listing link in your profile, rather than linking it in your post. Here’s how to do that. How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile

I just checked out your sit. Looks like you already have 4-7 applicants so hopefully you are well on your way to finding a sitter!

One suggestion: I wonder if it’s would be possible for you to offer a vehicle for the sitters to use? That might be one way to attract more sitters. The cost of rental cars is very high right now.

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It looks amazing. I’d move in, never mind sit!!

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@Ketch Seriously! They’d never get rid of me :rofl:

What an incredible place you have, @dirtroad22, I am sure you will have no trouble finding another sitter for what looks like an amazing sit.

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@dirtroad22 California sits are always popular and you have a really nice house. I see you already have 4-7 applicants. Please make sure to communicate with them in a timely fashion. Good luck!

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Tehachapi is gorgeous! I’m sure you’ll pair up with someone awesome in no time!

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