Hello - trying to contact sitter


i am trying to contact a sitter who has agreed to look after my pets from 04/09 to 11/06. it is a couple that contacted me through this site before i became a member. I have lost the emails that that they sent me so was wondering if they could contact me via the number i gave them

based in Chatteris


Hi @Mollylorri Welcome to our community forum, I am sending you a DM to help you with this.

Thank you,



what is a DM

@Mollylorri DM - Direct message. If you click on your orange M top righthand corner there is a drop-down menu, with a letter icon. This is your Forum Mailbox. You should also see a small dark green circle to the left of this which shows there is a new message.

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Thank you @Petermac and apologies @Mollylorri I should have explained, I see that you have picked my message up now.