HELP! 3 Week Sit with No Applicants! 27 May - 18 June Norwich UK

Dates: May 27-June 18
Location: Norwich
Country: United Kingdom
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We are desperate to find someone to watch our critters while we are back in the states for a wedding. I’ve reached out to over 20+ sitters and no one has been able to help. If someone could stay for even part of the time that would be absolutely incredible - I’m worried sick!


Hello @adelinegarrett Welcome to the forum community, I am sure there are some members that can give you some tips to help with your home listing and finding a sitter.

I am so curious about show mice as I have never heard of them until now :slight_smile:

And Pants is a Devon Rex such an interesting breed!



Their care looks super straightforward and a cat that sleeps in is fantastic :grin:


Hello @adelinegarrett and welcome to the forum. Where are you headed to in the States?

I am sorry you haven’t gotten any applicants yet, but I am sure the remarkable members here are going to do the best they can to help you find someone.

I do suggest you go ahead and link your member profile to your forum profile here at How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile - Welcome & Getting Started - TrustedHousesitters Community Forum. This will give you extra exposure to our THS members who can also give you feedback on how to get the most out of your listing.

Also, if you give permission to @Angela-HeadOfCommunity or @Carla-Moderator, they can post your dates on social media for even more opportunity for viewing.

I wish you luck.

Hi, in general your listing looks great, love all the pictures of your kitty.
If I was looking at your listing I would like to know how many mice I would be looking after? Maybe you could also add if you can pick sitters up arriving on public transport and how long it takes to get a bus into the town centre.
This is very minor but maybe collapse the drying rack in the one picture as it is not adding anything.
Hope you get some applicants soon :crossed_fingers: