Help?! Dog/Cat Sitter Needed, Dec 20-30, New York City, NY

Dates: Dec 20-30 (sitter departure date flexible)
Location: Manhattan, New York City
Country: United States

Request: Well. I’m doing my best not to panic, alas, I have been unable to find a sitter to luxuriate in my massive one bedroom apartment (by New York standards at least) and look after my 2 sweet cats and 1-year-old Golden Retriever. All three are very affectionate and well behaved, my golden is a trained lovebug, and I live a few blocks away from the nearest dog park and express trains to get anywhere in the city.

I’d been exchanging messages with a few sitters over the past few weeks but all have either fallen through or stopped responding (which is a first). I’m finally going to spend Christmas with my mother and siblings for the first time in five years, and so hoping this works out. The dates are Dec 20-30, however, if a sitter needs to leave a day or two early OR even extend to Jan 3, I’m flexible, so please reach out!

I have great reviews on my profile and would be happy to provide whatever you need to have an amazing stay with Casino, Shmoopy and Earl. For full listing, please see my profile.

Casino, with waffle for scale:


Hi. You might want to make it easier for sitters to see your listing by adding it to your forum profile. Here’s Vanessa’s great instructions for how to do that.

As you know, we’re still in such uncertain times. Normally, coming from Niagara Falls, Canada, where I live, that would be a quick flight from Buffalo to you. Unfortunately, we’re in times where it would be so complex now. No doubt it’s similar for many others who might ordinarily jump at the chance. I hope you’re able to find someone so that you can spend the holidays with your family.

Good luck! I just confirmed my replacement sitter this morning for my Christmas sit. The original sitter canceled last week due to possible international travel restrictions and I’ve been scrambling ever since.

I would say be proactive, proactive, proactive and quick! I went through sitters who saved my listing and sitters who were in the NY and NJ. I emailed about 150 of them this week - no lie. Out of that, only 3 responded that they could do the sitting. Everyone has pretty much cemented their holiday plans already.

I will send you the profiles of the other 2 Trusted Housesitters who said they could do the sit. Get in contact with them to see if it can work out.


Whoops! Thanks for catching that, for some reason I thought I couldn’t post my profile (which seems silly).

And yes, the variant has impacted a few people’s decision not to come. Appreciate the well wishes!

Wow! Talk about proactive. Thanks for offering to send the profiles of your available sitters. I’m definitely going to begin reaching out to people tonight. Oof.

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Hi. You can embed a listing in your forum profile. What you are probably remembering is that you are asked not to embed it directly in a post.

Looks like you’ve had some great advice now too. I can relate as I was to travel and had to cancel so now I am free over Christmas whereas I had been booked a few months ago. Things are shifting every day. Safety and health need to come first for us all.

Hi @alytadros welcome to our community forum it looks as though you are in good hands for help and advice, thank you @Catin88 & @Snowbird for your words of encouragement and practical advice.

This really is a different “travel world” with so many changes and uncertainties it is making members more cautious. There are new sitters joining every day, they will be looking for their first sits and are often more flexible and looking for “local” which is what we advise to begin with. Every experienced sitter started from exactly the same place … with no THS reviews.

Verifications, external references, photos, a well crafted, informative profile, coupled with a video call and good communication is the place to start … knowing that it is you who will make the final decision, always the right sitter for the right sit.

As @Snowbird says,

Good luck …

Angela and the Team