Help on the Voting Function and Value in Discourse

@Angela-CommunityManager @Ben-Product Is there someone else we should tag to ask for technical advice?

My interest in using the platform has wandered into the built-in voting function and whether people have realised its purpose, or are using it, or are using it properly. I don’t mean polls, like my “types of tech” survey but the built-in vote for posts facility, designed to be used as discussed here;

I can’t immediately grasp how the facility would be of use to THS (and particularly if users haven’t been instructed on how & why to use it). Are you using it? And if so, maybe an explanation to the community would produce better results?

Why should we vote on your post which is asking how votes work (if i’m not misconfused ?)

I think you are misconfused…whatever that is :wink:


I read the title “help on the voting function”

Hi @Saltrams thank you for highlighting interest around this feature, I will consult Tech on Monday to get simplified clarification.


Thank you @Angela :blush:



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@Angela-CommunityManager, did you get an answer about votes?
I still don’t understand why we could vote on several topics and why we are limited in votes…

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@Provence will take up with Paul it’s to do with platform functionality options