Help with editing reference title

Hi, I’m Dave with Marty from Central Mexico. We are excited about joining this community both as sitters and HO. We would like to edit the names on our reference list to include locations but cannot see how to do it. I’ll add that we have not yet sent them the links to attach their recommendations. Any suggestions?

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Hi @davesitter and welcome to the forum. I’m not sure I’m fully understanding your question. The part about not having sent the links, and yet asking for edits, is where I’m confused. I’ll therefore generalize in my answer.

Reviews for THS sits have the location and date range automatically generated for them. That’s not the case for references. When I ask for a reference for a sit that wasn’t done through THS, I ask the person to make sure to include the location and date range of the sit, explaining the reason. References cannot be edited online by the sitter or the homeowner. In exceptional cases, where there is a major error, THS will sometimes accommodate an edit, but it has to be exceptional circumstances.

Hi and thanks for your reply. The mistake I see I made was in not asking our references to include both length of sits and their state of country locations. I’ll ask them to edit and resubmit. Again, thanks. Dave

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