Hey, y'all! I'm a Los Angeles girl in Middle TN area. Pleased to meetcha!

I’ve just received another glowing 5-star review, so I feel like I can say HI now. :laughing:

I love ALL kinds of animals, having been a mom to cats :cat: dogs :dog: an iguana :lizard: a few fish :tropical_fish: and even a vivarium full of walking sticks :bug: I have experience with (and am totally fine with!) large dogs - even pit bull terriers - having raised two of my own pound rescues. I’ve been watching dogs locally through Rover for years.

Professionally, I’m a Chef-Instructor :woman_cook: and teach both online and in person, but the in-person stuff is on hold until COVID is under control. Luckily I can teach from anywhere that has a kitchen! :fried_egg: :shallow_pan_of_food: :spaghetti: I do classes privately for adults, and for kids I am on Outschool.

I’ve lived in Southern Middle TN area for over 10 years. I lived in Los Angeles for 15 before that, and Chicago area for 20+ before that. (so, uh, do the math; I’m old ~ ha ha.)

I speak English, French, Spanish, a little German, a little Portuguese, and I understand Italian. I took ASL but I’m out of practice. I’ve tried learning Japanese 3 times but I can’t get past katakana/hiragana.

Anyway, that’s me… so shoot me a note if you like!

Y’all stay safe out there! :syringe: :mask: