Hi a newbie from Colchester

Hi I’m Kay (also nicknamed Katie amongst other things!) from Colchester. Looking forward to finding out all about THS. I live with my partner Rod in Britains oldest recorded town or Britains first city (the council can’t make up their minds) On the edge of town with easy access to town centre but not too far from the coast and Constable country
We have Socks, a stocky middle aged moggy, Kasha, a young savannah and 6 chickens who lay enormous eggs! (Anne, Cricket, Bluebell, Spot, Layla and Lucky)
Completely new to this but see that some have 70+ experiences so very inspired


Hi @KateL thank you for joining us from Colchester, Essex. Welcome to our Forum and thank you for bringing some history of Colchester with you, it might be hard to comprehend the age of the city for those living in “newer” towns and cities.

"Why is Colchester famous?

Colchester holds the title for the “oldest” of various different things . As well as being the oldest recorded city, it also has the oldest town walls in Britain. They were built by the Romans in AD 60 after Boudicca ransacked the area. Today, about a mile of the wall is still there"

Have you joined our community to engage sitters for your furry and feathered family or to venture into the amazing world of pet and housesitting? Either way welcome, you’ve come to the best place for inspiration, advice help and support. If you have questions, this is the place to ask them.

Enjoy connecting with our members and we look forward to sharing in your new adventure.

Angela and the Team

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@Angela-CommunityManager I do so love reading the histories of places. I have a soft spot in my heart for the UK.
Thanks for sharing this.

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